Best artificial grasses are perfect for both indoor and outdoor decoration and can be used for other multi-functions. For instance, they can be used for yard, balcony, playground, design project, terrace, potty mat, and others. Moreover, the best artificial grass looks similar to the natural lawn and is easy to care for, and saves money and time. With these various features and benefits, you should review these top best artificial grasses to see the product description to meet your needs before buying. Check the following products below.

The 12 Best Artificial Grass in 2024
The 12 Best Artificial Grass in 2024

The 12 Best Artificial Grass in 2024

#12 iCustomRug Indoor/Outdoor Turf Rugs and Runners Best Artificial Grass Many Custom Sizes and Widths Finished Edges with Binding Tape Green 6′ X 12′

The best artificial grass is very useful and adds a more beautiful surrounding environment with green color. Moreover, this iCustomRug is designed for transportation and foldable features with a lightweight. Therefore, it is perfect for yard decoration, outdoor and indoor projects, playgrounds, and more. Of course, this high-quality artificial grass is made of 100% polypropylene, UV-resistant yarn, and stain-resistant. For this reason, it is a long-lasting and sturdiness item

Furthermore, this artificial lawn is weather resistant with a pile height of 0.25-inch. Besides, the artificial grass looks natural and real for comfort with easy installation and lay down on the floor, concrete, and other bases. Also, this real look artificial grass is safe to use without containing any harmful toxins or chemicals. Therefore, it is a perfect idea to have one for outdoor and indoor decoration projects or playgrounds.

Extra features:

  • Can cut to a specific size by hands
  • Affordable price and durable item
  • Can use for creative project

#11 PET GROW PG1-4 Best Artificial Grass Rug 6.5 FT x10 FT(65 Square FT), Realistic Indoor Outdoor Garden Lawn Landscape…

If you are searching for artificial grass for decoration such as a garden, patio, landscape, yard, balcony, deck, porch, swimming pool, and others. This product PET GROW is perfect and suitable for your needs. It is made of high-quality materials with a 4-tone pattern such as grid, PP fabric, grass yarn, SBR, and they look colorful, soft, natural look, and thick.

This durable and sturdy artificial lawn is safe to use with non-toxic and chemicals-free. Thus, it is safe for your kids and pet. Furthermore, it is a flooring solution with rubber back holes drainage. For this reason, it won’t tear or damage easily and can use long-lasting. Also, it can be washable and dry quickly. And with grass decoration, it lets you see the environmental grass and feel fresh.

Extra features:

  • Eco-friendly product
  • Save time and money
  • Perfect for project decoration

#10 LITA 7ft x 13ft Realistic Deluxe Best Artificial Grass Synthetic Thick Lawn Turf Carpet Perfect for Indoor/Outdoor Landscape, 7’X13′, Green

This high-quality artificial grass is made of UV resistant, polyethylene, and yarn for its durability and sturdiness. Therefore it is ideal for the outdoor decoration and can use for multi-purpose. Of course, it can use for the home yard, balcony, swimming pool, playground, patio, and terrace. Moreover, this grass is safe and won’t contain any chemicals or toxic, so it is secure for kids and pets. Also, it is a thick and soft surface for comfortable use.

More than this, it helps to save money because it does not require you to spray, water, mow and fertilize it. Something else, it is easy to clean and care with a quick dry of rubber back holes for drainage. Furthermore, it is easy to install by laying down on the areas, concrete, terrace, or so forth. Besides, it looks fresh and natural with premium quality of 4-ton patterns. Lastly, it is perfect for a manicured look.

Extra features:

  • Durability and easy to wash and care
  • Save money and time
  • Safe and non-slippery

#9 SunVilla SV7’X13′ Realistic Indoor/Outdoor lawn /Turf 7 FT X 13 FT (91 Square FT)

This artificial grass is a beautiful mowing look with a straight yarn and yellow curve for a real natural grass look. Therefore, it is suitable for outdoor decoration such as a playground, swimming pool, yard, balcony, and other versatile. Also, this best artificial grass is designed with drainage holes of rubber back for drainage, so it won’t floor and prevent damage.

This heavy-duty artificial lawn is made of high-quality materials of high-tech UV-resistant yarn, polyethylene fabric, and latex for its durability and strength. Therefore, it is durable construction and weather resistant. Lastly, it saves you a lot of money with this real natural look grass because you won’t spend on watering, mowing, fertilizing, spraying, and other maintenance.

Extra features:

  • Superior durability and heavy-duty grass
  • Perfect soft surface for kids and pet
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor project decoration

#8 GL Turf Lawn – 7FTX12FT(84 Square FT) Indoor Outdoor Garden Lawn Landscape Synthetic Grass Mat

This best artificial grass is usable for both purposes indoor and outdoor for versatility. Therefore, it is ideal for rugs design such as a patio, terrace, yards, swimming pool, playground, balcony, and others. Besides, this artificial rug is made of high-quality poly polypropylene yarns and features weather-temperature synthetic. For this reason, it is durable and compact. Moreover, this item looks fresh and beautiful as real natural grass. Thus, it will provide you with a sense of real stunning grass.

Furthermore, it is easy to care with washable water and soap, so it can be kept fresh and clean as always. Something else, this grass is soft and thick with 4 tone patterns such as SBR latex, Fiver PP, UV resistant PE, and PP plus. It has a perfect surface and rubber back holes for a quick dry. Therefore, it is slip-resistant grass. All in all, you will satisfy with this artificial lawn

Extra features:

  • Safe to use with non-toxic and chemical-free
  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor decoration and versatile
  • Drainage for a flooring solution

#7 MTBRO Best Artificial Grass, Professional Dog Grass Mat, Outdoor Potty Training and Replacement Lawn Mat, Easy To Clean with Drainage Holes, 100 Ounce/Sq.Yd, 28Inch X 40Inch

Equipped with soft and thick artificial grass, this MTBRO is perfect for pet playing areas as well as for potty training. Thus, it is good for indoor use. If you are working long hours and can’t have time for your lovely pet, this natural look grass can help them to relieve and enjoy playing around on it. Moreover, this rug turf is durable and easy to wash with drainage holes.

Moreover, this artificial is hot or cool weather-resistant, so it is built to last with high-quality materials. Also, this turf lets your pet feel like real grass and can use for a pet playground. Lastly, it is easy to wash and care with water and soap. Therefore, it is easy to maintain it for durability.

Extra features:

  • Can dry quickly with holes
  • Can cut with a clear and flexible size
  • Rubber backing holes

#6 Conscience Trading 8′ x 10′ (80 Square Feet) Realistic Fake Turf Lawn Synthetic Deluxe Thick Lawn Pet…

If you are looking for outdoor decoration artificial grass rugs, this Conscience Trading is very perfect for your needs. It can be used for home playgrounds, yards, patio, swimming pool, balcony and terrace, and other multi-functions. Additionally, this artificial grass looks real and natural with density and thick grass for durability and strength.

Design with quick and easy installation, this rubber artificial grass is durable and easy to wash with a fast dry because it is equipped with drainage holes in the rubber back. Furthermore, this product is thick and soft grass. Also, it is safe toxic-free and corrosion-resistant for its durability and strength.

Extra features:

  • Can cut specific sizes to fit well
  • Can lay on the sand, concrete, rug turf, and others
  • 4-tone pattern, yarn, PP fabric, grip, and latex glue

#5 Synthetic Artificial Grass Turf 5FTX8FT Indoor Outdoor Balcony Garden Decor, Drainage Holes Faux Grass Rug Carpet for Pets

Wanting a playground design and other versatile decoration, this artificial rug turf is perfect for outdoor, home, office, or restaurant. It will look beautiful and fresh for the garden, terrace, balcony, landscape, and so on. This artificial is safe for pets and kids since there are non-toxic or chemicals-free. Also, it is odor-free. Moreover, this artificial grass is dry quickly with holes for drainage.

This artificial rug turf is very easy to wash for long-lasting. Additionally, this perfect artificial grass can be joined together for a large area with easy installation. Lastly, this durable artificial grass is made of high-quality materials of polypropylene yarns and rubber back. Therefore, it will let you enjoy the maximum benefits out of it.

Extra features:

  • Drainage holes design for quick dry with rubber back
  • Friendly and safe artificial grass
  • Perfect for outdoor rugs

#4 WMG GRASS Premium Artificial Grass, Drainage Mat, 3.3′ x 5′ Artificial Turf for Dogs, Cats, Pets, Turf Realistic Indoor/Outdoor for Garden, Patio (16.5 sq ft)

This artificial grass is built-in a high-quality material for its durability and beautiful design. This heavy-duty lawn mat is perfect for pets and playing ground design. Also, it can be used for garden, swimming pool decoration, yards, balconies, and other multi-functions. Additionally, this grass rug turf is weather-resistant, tear-resistant, and waterproof.

Another feature, this product is safe to use because it is non-toxic and chemicals-free, so you won’t have problems. And it is also odor-free. Furthermore, this best artificial grass is slip-resistant rubber and water drainage. Lastly, if you are looking for artificial grass for playground design, this WMG grass Premium can meet your interests.

Extra features:

  • Look natural and realistic grass
  • Great for home and outdoor decoration
  • Eco-friendly product

#3 SMART LAWN PROFESSIONAL Realistic Best Artificial Grass Rug, 20″X24″‘ Carpets for Indoor and Outdoor Use, 1.25″ Pile Height Soft and Lush Natural Looking Synthetic Mats

This artificial grass looks very real and naturally soft and thick to add more comfort. This artificial lawn is very suitable for multi-purpose and can be used for terrace decoration. Additionally, this artificial turf is ideal for outdoor, balconies, apartments, or patio, and others, so you can feel like you are on the beautiful public grass.

Furthermore, this artificial rug turf is high quality with built-in drain holes for liquid drain, so it can be durable and keep dry. It is a water drainage hole for rain. More than this, this stunning artificial grass is the height of 1.25-inch 4 tone colors. With this soft artificial grass, the pet, your kids, and you can have a good time and share the fun.

Extra features:

  • Eco-friendly product
  • Can use for outdoor decoration
  • 10 years warranty

#2 Artificial Grass Bathroom Mat for Puppies and Small Pets- Portable Potty Trainer for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Having this one best artificial grass is very helpful for potty training and ideal to keep it as a bathroom mat for your lovely puppies to relieve indoor if you are so busy and work long hours outdoor. Moreover, this artificial grass is the dimension of 20x25x1.125-inch, so it is suitable for one big dog. Of course, you and your pet will be happy.

This high-quality item is designed with a plastic frame and tray for durability and strength. Furthermore, it provides you with comfortable use and is easy to wash. It is a quick washing mat with rinsing soap and water. Additionally, it is safe to use and non-toxic artificial grass, so you won’t worry about this chemical matter. Besides, this artificial rug turf has a three-layer system and is odor-free.

Extra features:

  • Good for both indoor using
  • Hand washable with soap and water
  • Keep the liquid drain inside the hard plastic tray

#1 STARROAD-TIM Best Artificial Grass Rug Turf for Dogs Indoor Outdoor Fake Grass for Dogs Potty Training Area Patio Lawn Decoration

This best artificial grass is size 39.3 x 31.5-inch and with a height of 1.18-inch for perfect use and is ideal for lovely puppies. This artificial grass looks beautiful with a high-quality built-in for durability and, strength. Moreover, this item is weather-resistant and water-resistant, so it is good for outdoor and indoor use. With this item, your small dogs will enjoy a happy time.

Another feature of this artificial grass can be used for potty training with a smooth and non-toxic lawn pad. Therefore, it is safe to use and gives more advantages to your dog. Furthermore, this durable artificial grass can be washable with running water and soap. Of course, with this stunning green rug turf, this item can be transported to any terrace or patio as you wish.

Extra features:

  • Can feel like the real natural touch
  • Easy to clean and care
  • High-quality product and built to last


The artificial grass is designed for a different purpose and can be used to replace the real and natural grass for a beautiful decoration and won’t disturb you with care. These best artificial grass mats can be washable with quick-dry and weather resistance. However, before buying one, you should always think about these high-quality materials constructions, sizes, and washing, foldable or portable. Now, you may have an idea which one is most suitable for you after finishing reading these above products.

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